Trial of Two: The Dojo

Based in Bayreuth, Germany

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Trial of Two: The Dojo is a local co-op beat 'em up game with powerful, physics-based martial-arts combat. Its setting is a procedurally generated dungeon also known as The Dojo . The Dojo is a place to fight. It's a place that has been built to find the strongest, fastest and most disciplined fighters in the world. But mostly, it has been built to forge the strongest bond of trust and power between any friends who dare to enter The Dojo together. For outsiders, The Dojo seems like an arena, and they are right. But it's more than that. It can be better described as a game. Whoever enters The Dojo also accepts its rules: You live and die together The dojo is ever-changing Your weapon is squash But beware: If the contestants fail to keep each other alive and both fall to their knees, The Dojo will be forever lost.


Oilcatz started as a three-person team with an idea for their university graduation project: a synergetic two-player beat 'em up you can play on the couch with your friends. In October 2019 Katharina Broswik, Robin Daraban and Daniel Schulz invented Oilcatz as the unofficial name of this new project which would later be named Trial of Two: The Dojo in accordance with the martial arts theme and strong co-op spirit of the game idea. With the newly mapped out concept another team member was acquired: Lena Voß joined the team as project manager with experience from past projects. Just a few weeks later Stephanie Dietzel took the position as 3D artist and animator for the targeted voxel art style. Up to this day the team is working on the game not only as a graduation project, but also to strive for the release of the game expected in 2021.


  • A couch co-op experience for 2 friends kicking asses
  • Playing squash with your fists to destroy your foes
  • An ever-changing dungeon and permadeath for a new challenge every run
  • Intelligent fighting A.I. that will crush your spirits
  • Most accurate martial arts-based squash simulator on the market
  • Cute voxel art


Trial of Two: The Dojo | Official Trailer YouTube